Describing what you see in a concise way or re-naming confusing things is an integral part of any innovator.

National Food System
The system of food distribution (roads, trucks), storage facilities, retailers, the common styles of restaurants available and their infrastructure, national guidelines for how certain foods are processed, sources of production, the inputs that go into food production. What is most noticed in the National Food System are the choices available to consumers and how that affects their health.
Prestige Trap
Also known as the inverse halo effect, assigning falsely positive values to someone based on an impression, brand, school, and so on.
Rabbit Teeth
The phenomenon of very narrow dental arches due to premolar extractions.
Group Feeling
The affection that people in a group have for one another to collaborate and labor for each other. It can be enhanced by walls, blood, mission, outside enemies, and shared values. Shared experiences also increase group feeling.
Foldy Ears/Smooth Ears
Another term for intelligence or lack of it.
The Minimum Standard
The minimum standard of quality in something by which further optimization has diminishing returns.
Bottom-up Organization; Top-down Diffusion
The process by which information from the edges reaches the center and then goes back to the edges. The first half is broken in many places. Example: Costco orange juice has mold on the cap. No easy way to report it to the center online.
Drive-up Accident
When a car drives up closely to another car, hitting it in the back.
Side-collision Accident/Right Angle Collision
A right-angle collision, also known as a broadside collision, is a subset of a side-collision accident.
Assumed true, actually false. (Type 1 error/false positive). The actual terminology for these words are confusing. What does "Type 1" even mean? Example: assume someone has COVID, but they don't.
Assumed false, actually true. (Type 2 error/false negative)