May 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Rabbit Teeth & Misalignments

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Dentists are fucking up people’s teeth and nobody is talking about it. “Rabbit teeth” occur when premolars are extracted for braces due to the false belief that the teeth should fit the palate rather than expanding the jaw through Mewing or orthotropics. Once you see it, you start seeing it everywhere, and it’s nothing but a false appearance of straight teeth because how can a dental arch so narrow and so unnatural be complete?

TMJ Dislocation

Something else that is a common cause of malocclusion is that one of the TMJ joints is displaced, causing the bottom jaw to shift to the left, which changes the alignment of the top jaw. I’d estimate I see this frequently, somewhere less than 1 in 25 but enough to where it’s frequent.

Orthodontics will try to treat this without addressing the underlying issue, leading to the teeth appearing straight but having a misaligned face if one looks closely. Their dental arches are more normal, but they have this misalignment.

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Collection of Dental Tips

  • Brush softly, otherwise you might get gum recessino
  • Brush in small, concentric circles
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Angle it toward the gum so you can brush under the gumline
  • Create a C-shape when flossing
  • Don’t brush after eating acidic things, the enamel may wear down faster
  • Don’t brush after vomiting
  • Use a straw to drink acidic things
  • Usually you can feel plaque on your teeth so you know when to brush
  • Don’t polish with abrasive sand at the dentist
  • Don’t use bleaching/whitener
  • Use a tongue scraper