April 2024 (2 months ago)

Small-Large-Small (SLS): A common pattern

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Small-scale vegetable growers sell to aggregators who sell to bigger aggregators to sell to shops that sell to individuals.

Multiple examples create one general rule, which then gets applied to individual instances.

A small tweet gets picked up by a bigger account which then distributes it to smaller accounts.

Ideally, this is the way large groups can pick up new ideas. But often it degenerates into some sort of Large-Small authoritarianism. Small that feeds into Large without feeding back into Small is limited in its reach.

The ideal is bottom-up organization and top-down diffusion. Ideas come from the bottom and reach the top; good ideas then diffuse. The issue now is that ideas come from the top, working solutions from the bottom are ignored, and people in the bottom are not as generative with new ideas as the past it seems.